You’re like this terrible ex that no one needs

but which keeps on coming back

and I fall

desperately in your arms

and write stupid prose

as if you were


May 2021. I opened my mailbox, there’s an urgent red letter.

I knew, by the color only,


Open secrets and shameful truths

In November 2020, accusations suddenly started to emerge on the institutional surface of the Dutch art world. Articles and Instagram posts surged upwards from what seemed to be the depths of emotional trauma. Abusers were called out but also galleries, institutes, and schools that host…

In the Presence of Absence

After months of unseen and unlived experiences, the Stedelijk re-opened with a promising program that has the ambition to put the audience In the Presence of Absence.

This is a curious and somewhat poetic title for a show that attempts to exhibit “a selection of…

In August 2020, I was almost done with my bachelor thesis and had freshly came back to school after an introductory course on robotics. In the final chapter of this essay, I questioned how to bring back the hunger for reality, as well as embracing physicality in this digital age…

Morgane Billuart

French visual artist and writer based in Amsterdam. To contact me,

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